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Is it safe to move rec center to SCHS?

To the editor:

Having read your article in today’s paper, “Rec plan unveiled,” I can understand the need to improve the pool at the high school, to do what should have been done when it was originally constructed.

The real concern regarding the pool issue is the kids who use the pool, particularly during the summer. Admittedly, I have no statistics regarding the number of young people who currently use the pool for lessons, open swim or fitness, but placing the pool at the south end of Shawano, across a busy County Road B, would make it difficult for young people who live in any part of the city to get to the pool safely. Actually, most of the residents of Shawano live on the north side of County B. If parents work during the day, the kids would either have to walk or ride bikes across County Road B to get to the pool.

Again, I do not have any statistics as to how many people use the intersections of County B and state Highway 22/Main, Lincoln, Union, Evergreen, Prospect and Waukechon streets, but there is a lot of traffic in the area. ThedaCare clinic, hospital and emergency room, the eye care facility, hair salon, dialysis center, chiropractor, NWTC, the high school, the middle school, the elementary schools and health care facilities all add to the traffic count, as well as the people who use County Road B to bypass the city. Now, add kids walking or biking to the pool, and we will have a real problem. Who is going to look out for the kids? Not all children, and not all drivers, are aware and careful in their surroundings. Not all take time to see if it is safe to cross a street or pull out into a traffic lane.

Please consider the safety of the kids of the community, possibly your future taxpayers, when making decisions about the pool.

Mary Hoppe,