Electronics recycling event set


Village officials are encouraging Wittenberg residents to take advantage of an electronics recycling event June 22.

The event will run from 9-11:30 a.m. at Harter’s, W17620 County Road Q, Wittenberg, for village residents only. Computer monitors, televisions and other electronics will be accepted for a fee. Representatives from the village board will be on hand to collect fees in the form of cash or check.

Separating out recyclable materials is not only good for the planet, it’s good for the village as well, said Traci Matsche, Wittenberg clerk/treasurer. The state DNR offers grants to municipalities that hit their recycling goals.

“We are required by the state to have a recycling program,” Matsche said. “I must file a grant application in the fall with our recycling goals for the year, and then do a grant report in the spring showing our actual totals and costs for the year.”

The higher the tonnage of recyclables per person, the higher the grant. Currently, the village receives about $700 from the program.

“It may not seem like much money, but we’re able to offer the yard waste dumpster and electronics recycling programs with the help of that grant money,” Matsche said. “Over the last years, our tonnage numbers have dropped. If they continue to drop, we may lose our grant altogether.”

Through the village’s contract with Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal, the 433 households in Wittenberg are charged a flat monthly fee for garbage and recycling service, whether they put anything out or not. The large blue bins on wheels are for garbage; recycling must be set out in a separate bin. Providing recycling bins is not something the village can afford, Matsche said.

All told, the village pays $4,628 per month for collection of trash and recycling; residents do not pay extra for these services.

Residents can also utilize the village’s large recycling dumpster at 1000 E. Mohawk St. or the small recycling receptacles in Pond or Washington parks.


Fees for Wittenberg’s electronics recycling day June 22.

• Computer Monitor: $10

• CPU: $10

• TV 19 inches or less: $15

• TV 20 to 34 inches: $20

• TV 35 inches or larger: $25

• Flat Screen TV 34 inches or less: $10

• Flat Screen TV 35 inches or more: $15

• Microwave: $15

• Miscellaneous electronics, such as VCRs, DVD and CD players, keyboards, laser printers, inkjet printers, small copiers, fax machines, AM/FM radios: $5 each