Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Mountain Bay Trail crossing to get mast arms

Shawano Pathways donating $12,000 to pedestrian crossing warning signal

Shawano Pathways has donated $12,000 to the city for the installation of mast arms that will warn motorists of pedestrians crossing the Mountain Bay Trail at Green Bay Street.

The crossing has long been a concern for pedestrians and bicyclists despite attempts to make it safer and the crossing more visible.

The most recent additions were flashing lights and orange flags for pedestrians to carry across the four lanes of traffic. Motorists are expected to stop for pedestrians and bike traffic but not all lanes of traffic necessarily follow that law.

Some users of the trail have avoided making that crossing because of the safety hazard, according to Pathways officials.

The mast arms, which will feature yellow pedestrian crossing signs, will be user-operated. Pedestrians or bicyclists will push a button to bring the arms out. They will be timed to retract again after the crossing.

Shawano Pathways was selected by the Safe Routes to School National Partners to join Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities, which included a $12,000 grant and technical assistance focused on improving safe and equitable local park access. Shawano Pathways is a nonprofit organization formed to respond to a need for trails and green spaces in Shawano County.

The total project cost is expected to be about $24,000.

In addition to the $12,000 from Pathways, Shawano Municipal Utilities will install the mast arms at no cost up to to $5,000.

The city will cover the rest of the cost through savings anticipated from its 2019 capital improvement projects fund.