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'Team 93' establishing a tone of its own

The Associated Press 49ers tackle Joe Staley (74) locks up with Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews (52) after Matthews shoved quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the ground out of bounds Sunday at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

It wasn’t a smart play. The result wasn’t good for the Packers.

Still, when Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews dove onto San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick out of bounds in Sunday’s loss, it reflected something deeper about “Team 93,” as this, the 93rd team in Packers’ history, has started to call itself.

Matthews took Kaepernick to the ground and was rightly flagged. After talk all week about hitting the quarterback, Kaepernick’s teammates responded and a melee ensued, including a scuffle between Matthews and 49ers tackle Joe Staley.

A day later, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh ripped Matthews.

“If you’re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, not an open slap,” Harbaugh said. “That young man works very hard on being a tough guy. He’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.”


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