Brady, Giese up for District 23 seat

Shawano County Board of Supervisors

District 23, includes Towns of Red Springs and Bartelme

Candidate: Ginger Brady, incumbent

Address: N9235 Sumac Lane, Gresham

Age: 47

Background: Been on county board for six years. Served as treasurer for the Town of Red Springs for seven years.

Candidate: Marshal Giese

Address: N7915 Big Lake Rd., Gresham

Age: 53

Background: Self employed master plumber, more than 32 years in plumbing business of which 16 he has operated his own business. Red Springs Town Supervisor for five years. Viet Nam veteran.

How do you feel about the proposal to build a county annex and remodel portions of the county courthouse?

Brady: I'm pretty much in support of something being done. They have to do something. They should keep the location where it's at. I favored the first proposal because they were looking down the road for the future. They must keep in mind the future space needs of the county when deciding on how to go with this project. They didn't look very far into the future when they approved plans for building the current jail. We don't want to be faced with same problem there all over again.

Giese: The price that has been quoted to build a new annex and remodel seems quite high. I think this should be studied further. I do believe that all of the offices for the courthouse should be under one roof or in the same building. The board should work on a long range plan and not a quick fix type of solution by which a decision is made to do the best thing. I think this should be brought up on a referendum for the voters to decide.

Do you think the county has been doing a good job in holding down taxes? Why or why not? If not what are some ways to do so?

Brady: Yes, the county has done a great job. Everyone involved has done an excellent job and the department heads have been a big plus in helping with this.

Giese: Taxes are a touchy subject. There are numerous program out there run by the county. If a program would happen to be cut or reduced, it creates a number of waves. As far as salaries, they seem to keep going up. That is the American way. As for the answer to the tax question, I think the county has been doing a good job.

There has been some talk about possibly reducing the size of the county board. What do you think of that suggestion?

Brady: I'm opposed to that. I think the board is working very well as it is. Why fix it if it's not broke? I fear putting more power in the hands of a few people. It helps to have more people to talk about issues and spread out the power so one person or vote does not have as much influence. Also the residents would be farther away from their representatives and for many of them it would be a long distance phone call for them to phone and talk to their representative about an issue. I don't think that would be right either.

Giese: I believe that the county is mandated by the number that it presently has on the county board. Some counties have less supervisors and some have more. If they would have less in number, I think that each supervisor would have to sit on more committees. The work would still have to be done, but maybe at a more full time position. I believe the board should take a hard look at this matter.

What more can be done to improve Shawano County's economic base such as in tourism or agriculture? Or are there other areas that could help the county's economy?

Brady: We've done well already I think, but there is always room for improvement. I'm glad we can work with groups such as the chambers and SCEPI. I hope in the future we can do even more.

Giese: The county is doing a good job on this with the signage out there and the different publications. I believe the board is on top of things. As a 16 year chamber of commerce member, I am well satisfied with what the county is doing.

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