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Health professional: Kathy Lynn Micoley, Spruce

Job title: RN Team Leader

Professional specialty: At-home care/hospice

Years at ThedaCare: 4

Education: Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for nursing.

Q How did you become interested in this type of work?

A I got a job in a nursing home, and the patients and nurses encouraged me to go to school to become a nurse. It was tough because I worked evenings and the patients would wait to hear about my day. If I did not do well at school, I knew I was in for a bad night at the nursing home.

Q What career would you have if not this?

A If I had not gone into nursing I would have liked to be a cook. I worked at a steakhouse in high school and it was fun to make the food and be a part of other people's good times.

Q What kinds of things are you required to do as part of your job?

A There is a lot of paperwork to this job. My job is to help the rural staff stay informed and in compliance with the daily changes in our business. The majority of my day consists of making sure that the nurses, therapists and CNA staff have what they need to do their jobs. The best days are the days when I am needed as a nurse or I make visits with another clinician. We have the best patients here, and I learn something from them every time I am with them.

Q How has the career field changed since you entered it?

A Change has been the constant in the last 20 years. When I graduated from nursing school I would have never imagined that I would be teaching people to do the things that I had learned to do for them. My nursing home buddies and I would talk about how much different things would be if patients had more of a voice in their care. I am seeing that happen. We would also talk about how much they would have liked to stay in their homes. Home Care is focused on keeping people independent for as long as possible. Positive things are happening based on the needs of the community. The blending of two talented Hospice organizations, Shawano Hospice and Theda Care, to provide a stronger Hospice is one.

Q What has this job taught you that you wouldn't have learned otherwise?

A I have learned so much from this job that I would not have known otherwise. One thing that the Hospice patients have taught me is that the worst thing you can do is waste time. Time is so precious. I am fortunate that Hospice patients would choose to spend time with me.

Q What do you like to do in your time off?

A Time off is the most fun with grandchildren. I have three and they are even better than I expected they could be.

Q What is your favorite local restaurant?

A That's a tough one. There are so many good places to eat here. Anello's Torch Lite has wonderful food and they have been so kind to our patients. They go above and beyond and have worked with our Hopes and Dreams program for Hospice patients.

Q What is your favorite autumn activity?

A The true reason for raking a pile of leaves is to jump in them. Grandma should always have candy, cookies and a few good books.

Q What are you reading right now?

A Right now we are reading "Good Night Moon" and "I Wished for a Unicorn" over and over. Dr. Seuss is also a crowd pleaser.

Tiffany Wilbert
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