Low bidder seeks court order to halt landfill expansion

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A hearing will be held Thursday afternoon in Shawano County Circuit on a Green Bay company's request to halt the start up of expansion of the Shawano County landfill.

Peters Concrete is seeking a restraining order after the county's solid waste management board agreed to award the landfill construction bid to Riverview Construction of Wausau over the lower bid from Peters Concrete.

Peters Concrete had the apparent low bid of $703,954 for the project, while Riverview had the next lowest bid of $704,137. The solid waste management board approved awarding the bid to Riverview, despite it being $183 higher than Peters, because they felt Riverview had more experience.

Langlade County Circuit Court Judge James Jansen has been assigned to hear the matter at 1:30 Thursday afternoon in Shawano after Shawano County judges recused themselves from the case.

The solid waste management board met Tuesday night in closed session with County Corporation Counsel Jeff Kuglitsch about the matter. After the closed session the board announced it would proceed with the construction and the awarding of the bid to Riverview Construction.

The County Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting last week discussed the matter and agreed to allow the solid waste board to proceed however it felt necessary in the matter.

Supervisors also agreed at that meeting to borrow $900,000 from the State Trust Fund to finance the project. That money includes funds for contingencies and for a construction manager to supervise the project.

The new landfill, which will be built adjacent to the current site, is expected to have a life of seven years.

The current landfill has been in use for about nine years and is expected to be filled to capacity sometime this fall. So the completion of the new landfill, if all goes well, should occur at just about the time the old landfill will need to be closed, according to county officials.

By Joe Vandel
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