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Man accused of trying to run down officer

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A Clintonville man, accused of trying to hit a Shawano police officer with a vehicle during a Jan. 15 incident, will be arraigned in the case Jan. 31.

Kevin J. Hogg, 36, 200 E. Morning Glory Dr., #102, has been charged with the unlawful use of a telephone for a threat, carrying a concealed weapon and first degree recklessly endangering the safety of another person.

Judge Thomas Grover bound Hogg over for trial after his preliminary hearing in the case Tuesday. Hogg will enter a plea next week and a trial date is expected to be set at that time.

The criminal complaint alleges Hogg had made threats against his wife, Yvette Hogg and her friend, Terry Knuth. The threats were allegedly, made in a phone call to Yvette while she was at Knuth's home at 918 1/2 S. River St., Shawano.

Another friend later called Knuth's home that same night and told them that Hogg had a gun and was on his way there to kill Knuth.

Knuth called police who then responded to the scene. Before arriving at the Shawano address a friend of Hogg's allegedly took a rifle away from him while he was still in Clintonville. After that he's alleged to have returned to his apartment and took three or four knives with him.

Before Hogg arrived in Shawano, SPD officer Ted Ashbeck responded to Knuth's home and was outside the residence when he said he spotted the suspect's vehicle down the street at an intersection.

During the preliminary hearing Ashbeck testified that as he spoke to the dispatch center he noticed the vehicle was coming straight toward his location at a high rate of speed and was not slowing.

"I then ran into the driveway to get away from the vehicle, but it then turned in my direction," said Ashbeck. "As I ran up the driveway the vehicle also veered from its original path towards me and then struck the snowbank."

Ashbeck said he could see when the dome light of Hogg's car went on after the crash that Hogg had a large kitchen or butcher knife in his hand. He said Hogg finally dropped the knife after he yelled at him several times to do so.

Ashbeck testified that Hogg told him after he was placed into custody that he (Hogg) had not tried to run the officer over, but had hit the snowbank to stop his vehicle.

Ashbeck said tire tracks at the scene in the snow showed no indication that Hogg had tried to stop his vehicle. In fact Ashbeck said that even after he began running away from Hogg's vehicle, the vehicle changed direction to continue on a line to strike him or run him over.

He also said as the car was stuck in the snowbank he could hear the engine continue to rev and could see snow flying from the front wheels indicating to him Hogg was still trying to move.

If convicted on all three charges Hogg could receive up to 11 years in prison and fines totaling $21,000.

According to the criminal complaint after the incident and during questioning Hogg told police he deserved to be in jail and was glad the police were there to stop him.

The complaint also said that Hogg stated, "I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have done it, but it's too late now."

Shawano Police Chief Norm Jahn said officers involved in the case handled it very well and because of their actions he believes they may have prevented anything more serious from occurring.

By Joe Vandel
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