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Meet Lisa Harbath

Health professional: Lisa Harbath, 44, Clintonville

Job title: Cook

Years at Shawano Medical Center: 11

Education: High school graduate, certified in dietary management from Northwestern Technical College-Green Bay

Q How did you become interested in this type of work?

A I worked as a dishwasher while in high school at a local nursing home and worked my way up in the kitchen.

Q What career would you have if not this?

<p>A Maybe nursing or speech therapy.</p><p>Q What kinds of things are you required to do as part of your job?</p><p>A Making meals for patients and staff and helping around the hospital where its needed.</p><p>Q Do you have a favorite food to cook?</p><p>A Not really, I just like to explore and experiment with new foods.</p><p>Q How has the career field changed since you entered it?</p><p>A Making food healthier.</p><p>Q What has this job taught you that you would not have learned otherwise?</p><p>A To make food healthier for myself and people I serve.</p><p>Q What is your favorite part of your job?</p><p>A Working with a great group of ladies.</p><p>Q What are you reading right now?</p><p>A I'm not a big reader, but I do enjoy flipping through a good cookbook.</p><p>Q Where do you like to go out to eat?</p><p>A Popp's Lake Aire Supper Club in Clintonville.</p>
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