In search of poultrygeist

Among the bizarre and weird sightings explored by paranormal researcher and author Chad Lewis, phantom chickens and disembodied voices at Chicken Alley in Seymour have been some of his most peculiar.

A simple country road consisting of four corners and not much else, Chicken Alley has been the source of what Lewis described as "a hotbed of activity."

"When driving down the road, many people believe they have run over a phantom chicken," he said. "They're so convinced that they've run over a real chicken that they've gotten out to look at the damage to their vehicle or road kill only to discover nothing is there."

Inevitably, the lack of physical evidence leads drivers to believe they have encountered the phantom chicken.

"I had a gentleman contact me who said he was driving along when all of the sudden a half dozen chickens darted out in front of him. He slammed on his brakes to avoid them, but then they disappeared right before his eyes," Lewis said. "He was convinced he had seen the phantom chickens of Chicken Alley."

Lewis has investigated but has not seen any phantom chickens, he said.

Chicken Alley is also reported to be the home of a disembodied voice.

"It's said that if you walk out into the middle of the Chicken Alley and French Road intersection and stand there, you will hear the angry voice of a ghost man yelling at you to get out of the road," Lewis said. "Legend states that if you do not heed his advice - much like hearing the Irish Banshee - you'll be cursed with bad luck until the day you die."

Knocking on a wood table, Lewis said he has yet to hear the mysterious voice after visiting the spot dozens of times.

Lewis's presentation on Tuesday at the Shawano City-County Library also included stories about Wisconsin's werewolves, phantom animals, witches, Bigfoot, sea serpents, and vampires.

About 100 people attended the free presentation.

"When you go to these places, I think they're just creepy and a lot of fun. Letting yourself go and having fun with it is what it's all about," he said.

Lewis is a researcher and author for Unexplained Research L.L.C. He holds a Master of Science degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and has conducted paranormal research for more than 17 years.

His presentation was sponsored by Friends of Shawano County Libraries Inc.

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Chicken Alley on researcher's paranormal map
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