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Shawano swim club brings home honors

34 swimmers from the Shawano Community Swim Club competed in the Blizzard Invitational Swim Meet in Ripon on Saturday, January 15. The Stingrays placed 6th overall among 9 area teams in relay and individual stroke events. Two of the club's swimmers have now qualified for Wisconsin State competition because of their times in specific events: Emily Blythin has qualified in the 50 yd. freestyle (28.73 seconds), 50 yd. backstroke (34.04 seconds), and 50 yd. breaststroke (39.38 seconds.) Kira Labby's time of 29.74 seconds in the 50 yd. freestyle also makes her eligible for state competition.

Below are listed individual Stingray awards (medals given for 1st through 3rd places, and ribbons given through 12th place in each event.)

Girls 8 & Under:

25 yd. freestyle: 7th place-Tricia Blythin

25 yd. backstroke: 2nd place-Tricia Blythin (22.85)

Boys 8 & Under:

25 yd. freestyle: 3rd place-Cameron Bscherer (18.69), 8th place-Lucas Wetzel

25 yd. backstroke: 6th place-Lucas Wetzel

25 yd. breaststroke: 2nd place-Cameron Bscherer (27.67), 7th place-Tad Hiltgen

Girls 9-10:

50 yd. freestyle: 6th place-Diana Wilkinson, 8th place-Maggie Villez, 9th place-Liz Hoffman, 10th place-Emily Timm, 11th place-Courtney Carlton

100 yd. freestyle: 8th place-Maggie Villez

50 yd. backstroke: 10th place-Emily Timm, 11th place-Liz Hoffman

50 yd. breaststroke: 5th place-Diana Wilkinson, 10th place-Maggie Villez, 12th place-Courtney Carlton

50 yd. butterfly: 12th place-Liz Hoffman

Boys 9-10:

50 yd. freestyle: 6th place-Geoff Hiltgen

50 yd. breaststroke: 7th place-Geoff Hiltgen, 9th place-Cody Siolka

50 yd. butterfly: 6th place-Geoff Hiltgen, 11th place-Cody Siolka

100 yd. Individual medley: 7th place-Geoff Hiltgen

Girls 11-12:

50 yd. freestyle: 3rd place-Emily Blythin (28.73), 6th place-Kira Labby

100 yd. freestyle: 9th place-Kira Labby

200 yd. freestyle: 11th place-Kira Labby

50 yd. backstroke: 4th place-Emily Blythin

50 yd. breaststroke: 6th place-Emily Blythin

50 yd. butterfly: 10th place-Emily Blythin

Boys 11-12:

50 yd. freestyle: 4th place-Alex Hoffman

100 yd. freestyle: 5th place-Alex Hoffman

50 yd. backstroke: 6th place-Alex Hoffman

50 yd. butterfly: 5th place-Alex Hoffman

Girls Senior:

200 yd. freestyle: 12th place-Danielle Schmalz

Boys Senior:

50 yd. freestyle: 5th place-Casey Drengler

100 yd. freestyle: 8th place-Casey Drengler

100 yd. breaststroke: 5th place-Casey Drengler

Submitted by Kris Labby, Publicity Chair, 526-5625

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